TURN DISPOSABLE | Berry Dreamy (Indica) – 1Gram

Turn Disposable Berry Dreamy (Indica) – 1g  vape cart is a new and innovative product designed for adult use. It is made from 99.7% pure Delta-8 distillate, and contains 1G of Delta-8 THC . This product is available in the form of a disposable vape pen, which is convenient and easy to use . This pen is also flavored with Peaches n Cream, which makes it a great option for those looking for an enjoyable vaping experience

Berry Dreamy (Indica) – 1g is a great way to enjoy your favorite Indica strain in a convenient and discreet way. This disposable cartridge comes pre-filled with 1 gram of Indica strain and offers a unique blend of sweet and earthy flavors, reminiscent of a berry-flavored dream.

The draw is smooth and satisfying, and the aroma is pleasant and inviting. Plus, the cartridge is leak-proof and has no odors, so you can enjoy your vaping experience without worry. Get the sweet and earthy flavor of Berry Dreamy (Indica) – 1g vape cart for a convenient and delicious vaping experience.

TURN DISPOSABLE | Berry Dreamy (Indica) – 1Gram

Berry Dreamy (indica)

Soooo berry relaxing. Berry Dreamy never met a twinge it couldn’t tackle or worry it couldn’t try to wind down. Perfect for turning household chores into a meditative experience, this slow creeper is fruity, sweet, and a touch tart.

medley bowl  –  meditative  –  moonlight daydream

From seed to pen, you’ll only get clean, fresh, guaranteed pure California goodness. Choose from a wide selection of our high potency, exclusive formulations, and hand curated Botanica Blends strains to get the perfect floaty feeling you’re looking for.

// oil highlights //

single source

California fresh grown

tested and verified clean

TURN DISPOSABLE | Berry Dreamy (Indica) – 1Gram for sale 

Clouds. Clean, conscious, zero-filler, never-cut 100% live resin and distillate x botanica, always tested for all pesticides. Check.

Discreet devices free of fussy buttons, toxins, and heavy metals. Carefully crafted with a ceramic coil heating element, rechargeable battery, and recyclable body. Double check.

Community. A foundation for friends and a place to rest your head. Life’s a journey, you’re the hero, and we’re here to hold you up. turn disposable cart


Always open, always on, and always down. Come say hi!


Welcome(turn me, turn disposable, turn disposables, turn down disposable, turn up disposable) to the strawberry patch!  This (40/60/indica/sativa) is a euphoric kush dominated hybrid for the everyday. Allows the mind to relax and create so you can finally write that Grammy Award winning record!  Grab a pen, order some brunch, and kick back with this ripe tasting favorite.turn disposable real or fake


taste: hand picked 

feeling: limitless

memory: malibu morning brunch


From seed to pen, you’ll only get clean, fresh, guaranteed pure California goodness. Choose from a wide selection of our high potency, exclusive formulated, and hand curated Botanica Blends strains to get the perfect floaty feeling for you. turn disposable reddit, turn disposable flavors, turn down disposable vape


Turn’s disposable live resin products are designed to offer a clean and consistent vaping experience with minimal tangy taste. The company offers distillate oil infused with natural botanicals to remove the unwanted flavors and aromas from the distillate. Turn’s disposable vaping devices are made with optimal viscosity and temperature sourcing, ensuring that the user has a smooth and discreet vaping experience. The live resin used in their products is tested for all pesticides and is free of build up and heavy metals, making it a great choice for those looking for a safe and affordable vaping experience

. The product comes in a variety of forms, including a single source oil, disposable singles, and a solventless live rosin . The device is easy to use and has a pre-set heat setting and a charge time of 5 minutes .

Additionally, the Turn team is working on a flavor profile that is exclusive to their product. Finally, the live resin used in Turn’s products offers a potent, energizing Sativa-leaning hybrid with effects that deliver a quintessential daytime high

4 reviews for TURN DISPOSABLE | Berry Dreamy (Indica) – 1Gram

  1. Taylor Hayes (verified owner)

    Bellissimo! Turn disposable’s quick delivery in Italy has me saying “ciao” to other vape brands for good!

    1 product
  2. Hayden Lopez (verified owner)

    Crikey! My Turn Pods arrived in Australia faster than you can say “G’day mate” – cheers to speedy delivery!

    1 product
  3. Alex Martinez (verified owner)

    From the hustle of Manila to my doorstep, Turn disposable’s delivery was smoother than a jeepney ride!

    1 product
  4. Jennifer Brown (verified owner)

    Shipping/Comms: 10/10, always a pleasure doing fast and easy business!

    1 product
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